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*** Famous IAF Pilots ***

IAF HQ Insignia

  • Ron Arad
    On 16 Obctober 1986 Ron Arad, a Phantom navigator from the ''Hammers'' Attack Squadron, ejected over Lebanon and was captured by the AMAL terrorist organization. Over the years he was moved between several Shiite groups financed by Iran; there have been many believable claims of him being alive, though none of them is substantiated by proof. Israel has spent a fortune and utilized all of its intelligence resources in order to release him - but still, after 13 long years, Ron Arad is still missing!

    Ron Arad With his baby daughter Yuval In captivity

    To the ''Free Ron Arad!'' site

  • Mordehai (Modi) Alon
    The first commander of the 101st "First Combat" Squadron ('D' Squadron).
    One of the participants in the first IAF ground attack (29 May, 1948).
    The pilot who scored the first air victory of the IAF against enemy aircraft (3 June, 1948).
    Died on 16 October 1949 when his plane crashed during a landing approach.

    You can click on the 2 links above to learn more about these legendary events, and on the following thumbnails to see the full-sized pictures:

    Modi Alon - 3 Modi Alon - 2 Modi Alon - 1
    1. At Ekron AFB - Thoughtful, but never far from his sunglasses...
    2. With an Avia S-199 ''Sakin'' (Knife), also nicknamed ''Mezek'' in Czech (Mule).
    3. In RAF Uniform - during his RAF Flight-Course in Rhodesia, 1943.

  • Col. (Res.) Giyora Epshtein
    The world-record holder for the past 26 years - the most enemy aircraft kills in the jet-age (a total of 17):

    Kill markings 101st ''First Combat'' Squadron


    Click on these pictures for
    the official IAF page
    about Giyora Epshtein,
    containing his private journal!

    6 Days War 6/6/67one Egyptian Sukhoi-7
    War of Attrition 20/7/69one Egyptian MiG-17
    11/9/69one Egyptian Sukhoi-7
    25/3/70two Egyptian MiG-21
    "Yom Kippur" War 18/10/73one Egyptian Mi-8
    two Egyptian Sukhoi-7
    two Egyptian Sukhoi-20
    20/10/73four Egyptian MiG-21
    24/10/73three Egyptian MiG-21

  • Gen. (Res.) Ezer Weizman
    The first commander of the Negev Squadron (a.k.a. ''The Flying Camel'' and 'B' Squadron) - since 19 February 1948.
    One of the participants in the first IAF ground attack (29 May, 1948).
    The pilot of the illustrious ''Black Spit'' No. 57 (nowadays, this Spitfire is the most preserved, air-worthy plane in Israel).
    The 6th Commander-in-Chief of the IAF (July 1958 - April 1966).
    A former Defense Minister of the Israeli Government.
    The President of the State of Israel for 1.5 terms (1993 - 2000).

    You can click on the ground attack link to learn more about that legendary event, on the ''Black Spit'' link for a gallery of its pictures and on the 2 following thumbnails to view the full-sized pictures:

    Young Eizer Eizer the C-in-C

  • Col. Ilan Ramon
    The first Israeli astronaut, due to join the ''Columbia'' towards the end of the year 2000.
    A former head of the Combat-Measures and Development Branches in the IAF HQ.
    A former F-16 Squadron Commander, Phantom Squadron's Deputy Commander (also an A-4 Skyhawk and Mirage IIICJ pilot).

    In his NASA uniform In his IAF G-suit

  • Col. (Res.) Danny Shapira
    The chief test pilot of the IAF and IAI until the foundation of MANAT (IAF Flight Tests Center) in 1973.
    One of the graduates of the first IAF Flight-Course (''Minus-2'' - ended March 1949, at Hatzor).
    Graduate of the Test Pilots School in France (1958).

  • 1st Lt. Sherry
    The first woman who graduates from the combat Flight-Course of the IAF in the jet-age. She received her wings on 31 December, 1998 (the Wings Parade took place at Hatzerim) and thus became the first woman to serve in a full combat capacity within the IDF in the modern era. She was initially posted as an F-16D combat-navigator in the 110th ''Northern Knights'' Squadron at Ramat-David AFB.

    Wings Parade Morning Parade, First Year (?)

    Click here to learn more about the history of female combat service in the IAF !

  • All the IAF Commanders-in-Chief: 1948-1998

    Click me! 1998 reunion of the all-times IAF Commanders-in-Chief at the Hatzerim IAF Museum for the IAF's 50th Anniversary (excluding Aharon Remez and Haim Laskov, 2nd and 4th C-in-Cs respectively - both deceased).

    Gen. Aharon Remez Aharon Remez, 2nd IAF Commander-in-Chief

    Gen. Haim Laskov Haim Laskov, 4th IAF Commander-in-Chief

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