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~~ IAF Uniform ~~

Standard Clothing, Pins and Emblems

IAF Insignia
The usual 'A' uniform consist of beige dacron clothes, a blue belt, a dark-blue officers cap (with the silvery insignia of the IAF) and black army (IDF-issue) boots. On the other hand, ceremonial uniform consist of a light-blue shirt and dark-blue pants instead of the beige ones. In any event, the unit badge is fitted on the left shoulder on all uniform types except for work uniform ('B' type).

Kurs Tzniha
Parachuting Wings Emblem:
Denotes the completion of the IDF Parachuting Course - an early requirement from all cadets during the ''Basics Stage'' (the latter 6 months of the first year of training).
Worn directly above the right breast pocket.

Sikat Ktzuna
Air-Crew Officer's Pin:
Given in the end of the first year of the flight-course, which is also the end of the 6 months of the ''Basics Stage'' in which the cadets undergo complex and extreme infantry training, preparing to become officers.
Worn in the front of the left collar, in a vertical position.

Kanfey Tayis 1 Kanfey Tayis 2
Pilot's Flight Wings Emblem:
Awarded in person by the IAF Commander-in-Chief in a special ceremony (the famous Wings Parade), after a year of intensive general- and combat-flight training (the Flight-Course's second and final year). The official rank of Second Lieutenant is unveiled 3 days earlier. Next, the pilots start their OTU period.
Worn above the left breast pocket - above any decorations the pilot has earned.


IDF officer ranks are worn on the shoulders, in such a way that the pips are closer to the side of the arm sleeves and not the side of the neck collar.

Second Lieutenant (2nd Lt.) Segen-Mishne (SAGAM)
First Lieutenant (1st Lt.) Segen
Captain (Capt.) Seren
Major (Maj.) Rav-Seren (RASAN)
Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Sgan-Aluf (SAAL)
Colonel (Col.) Aluf-Mishne (ALAM)
Lieutenant General (LTG) Tat-Aluf (TAAL)
General (Gen.)
(IAF Commander-in-Chief)


Campaign Ribbons (''Otot Ma'araha''):

Komemiyut War of Independence: 1948-1949

Kadesh Operation ''Kadesh'' - Sinai Campaign: 1956

6 Days Six-Days War: 1967

Yom Kippur Day of Atonement (''Yom Kippur'') War: 1973

Shlom Ha'Galil Operation ''Peace for the Galilee'' (abbrev. ''SHELEG'') - Lebanon War: 1982

Citations (''Tziyoonim Le'Shevah''):

The citation symbol: a sword crossed with an olive tree branch (like a miniaturized LTG's rank).

Tzalash-1 Divisional-Commander's Citation:
Awarded by a Lieutenant General.

Tzalash-2 GOC's (General Officer Commanding) Citation:
Awarded by a General.

Tzalash-3 Chief-of-Staff's Citation:
Awarded by the IDF Chief-of-Staff.

Note: Citations awarded for actions during a campaign appear on the campaign ribbon, and not on a separate olive-green ribbon as seen here. The olive-green ribbons are used only when the actions concerned were not conducted during any campaign.

Medals (''Itoorim''):

A medal consists of 3 elements: the actual medal (''Pe'era'' in Hebrew), which is attached with a suspension ribbon-cloth and the corresponding ribbon-bar (''Ot''), on which the medal is fitted; the ribbon-cloth has the same color as the ribbon-bar (blue, red or yellow). In the IDF, while the ribbon bars are always worn on the uniform, the medals themselves are worn quite rarely, on very specific formal occasions (Independence Day, War Casualties Memorial Day and military parades) - and usually not even then due to secrecy considerations or fear of being considered as vain.

Itoor Ha'Mofet Medal of Distinguished Service (''Mofet''):
Awarded by the IDF Chief-of-Staff, for ''an act which was done most courageously, deserving to be exemplary conduct.''

Itoor Ha'Oz Medal of Courage (''Oz''):
Awarded by the IDF Chief-of-Staff, for ''an act of heroism performed in the line of combat duty at a personal risk.''

Itoor Ha'Gvoora Medal of Valor(''Gvoora''):
Awarded by the Israeli Minster of Defense, with the recommendation of the IDF Chief-of-Staff, for ''an act of supreme heroism performed while fighting in the face of the enemy at a great personal risk.''

A Few Examples:

A Hypothetical Example of Decorations Arrangement Gen. Dan Halootz's Uniform Gen. Eitan Ben-Eliyahu's Ceremonial Uniform

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