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Jane's IAF Jane's IAF Tips N' Tricks


General: The game doesn't have to be run in full-screen mode, instead you can play it inside a window on your desktop. This functionality was created to ease the work of privileged, enlightened testers and can save a lot of hastle with multi-tasking (using Notepad or ICQ at the same time).
File: .. \ TGEN.INI
Method: Somewhere in the section [Render], add the line FullScreen=0.
Important: Your desktop's color depth must be set to 16-bit (in Control Panel -> Display)!
Note: Just remember that the game does requires a lot of the computer's resources, and your focused attention, so running ''heavy'' programs alongside with the simulation just for fun is not recommended.
General: Apparently, the first generation of Pixel's testers wasn't trusted to be talented enough in order to complete the hard missions by themselves and without cheating... But the future campaign is very strict on this point and they still had to test all of its missions - what to do? A special back-door was coded for them of course!
Method: Create a new player; set the Pilot Name to "make sim" and the Callsign to "not war".
General: The internal FR counter is useful for diagnosing the general performance of your computer, or that of specific hardware. During development it was useful for catching and defining slow view modes, speed-munching features and slow segments in the simulation engine's code, and for some debugging purposes as well.
File: .. \ Resource \ Cockpits \ COCKPITS.IBX
Method: Near the end of the file, modify the line AddFrMessage = 0 to AddFrMessage = 1.
General: Each verbal communication you hear during flight (plus a few more status messages) is also scrolled in the top section of the screen. This can get pretty annoying, as well as unaesthetic if you're trying to capture a nice screenshot.
Method: Press Shift-D in order to stop the text lines from scrolling on your screen, and press Shift-D again to enable them back.
General: The background music of the game's GUI (interface) is in common WAV format and thus can be easily replaced.
Directory: .. \ Resource \ Menu \ Wav
Method: Simply overwrite the chosen files with your own favorite music (don't forget to backup the originals!). However, remember that the game is able to play only the WAV sounds with the following attributes: 22 KHz (22,050 Hz), 16 Bit, Stereo. So if your music isn't played correctly, edit the file (with the Windows Sound Recorder, for instance) and save the file in the correct format.
General: During development it was naturally nagging and unnecessary to perform a CD check in the beginning of the game (along with the fact that there were only a few CD backups of each development version, and a new version came out almost daily). Because of all of these reasons a special command was coded-in to disable this: no expert hacking or illegal patches whatsoever are necessary.

This small-yet-immensely-important option was somehow forgotten (?) in the original release of the game (i.e. the English version). The meaning of this is that any English-version usar can eliminate this check in exactly 5 seconds! ''And what about the Hebrew version,'' you may ask? Tough luck for being the world's leading country in software piracy, it was removed without any remorse.
Method: Confidential. I dare not reveal such a commercial secret to the public, don't even ask me!

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