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Daab's site for fans of the IAF and Israeli flight simulations

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NOTAMS (Notices to Airmen) - A Few News Items!

27 April 2000 - Latest Additions
For those of you who didn't notice, 2 additions to the USAF Tips N' Tricks section: how to change the background music, and about missile evasion. Next addition, scheduled to be done soon is in the site's links section.

15 April 2000 - Latest Additions
Check out 2 new USAF skins: Israeli AH-1 Cobra and UH-60A Black-Hawk. Also, the Su-27 hangar is waiting in the downloads section, and the USAF Tips N' Tricks page is also available (if you didn't know already) - contributions of tweaking tips will be happily welcomed.

7 April 2000 - New IAF Commander-in-Chief
In a ceremony at Tel-Nof AFB on 4 April 2000, Gen. Dan Halootz (right) officially became the new Commander-in-Chief of the Israel Air Force, replacing Gen. (Res.) Eitan Ben-Eliyahu (left). Click on the thumbnail to view the full-sized picture. Photograph courtesy of the Israel Defense Force Spokesperson.

6 April 2000 - Recent events
I'm so very sorry for not doing any meaningful work on the site this week, I was in the process of a hectic site move which went bust for no logical reason. As a result, you might find some pages in which the graphics aren't linked correctly (such non-perfectionism isn't like it, really) but the greatest loss is that I don't have enough room here to store my biggest add-ons for USAF: RefMod 1.0 and the hangar loadout files for uncontrollable aircraft.

However they are available at: ``Limech's Jane's Site'' for the time being; and don't hesistate to contact me by Email too.

To assure you that Blue & White isn't dead, here's a list of projects currently under development:
  • RefMod 1.1 Update (just a few issues, nothing major)
  • Sukhoi Su-27 Loadout Screen
  • Sukhoi Su-27 2D Cockpit (cheers to dwc for the concept, original version and support)
  • Jane's USAF Tips N' Tricks (modest beginning for...)
  • Jane's USAF Enhancements Knowledge Base (universal center for tweaking: easter eggs, simming tips, various tutorials, et cetera)

1 April 2000 - Xoom plays cosmic hoax on Daab
The space quota that Tripod allowed me was only 11 MB. Give or take a little, I'm currently only half-way finished with the contents that I have planned (web pages, downloadable files) and already I've used up all of that storage quota - so I'm looking for solutions (like a gracious host), ideas anyone?

As a special bonus, I've added lots of great skins (retouched by me, though not exlusive) and finished Pixel Multimedia's unofficial profile - and it contains some very interesting information... Check it out at the features section in the top navigation menu bar. More exciting stuff will be posted soon.

1 April 2000 - Monthly Traffic Statistics for March 2000
Total Page Views (Since 10 March 2000): 905
Total Daily Unique Visits: 371
New Visitors: 323

Average Time Spent on Site:
01-05 Min: 41.75%
06-10 Min: 23.71%
11-30 Min: 21.13%
31-60 Sec: 11.86%
31-60 Min: 00.52%
Over 1 Hr: 00.52%
16-30 Sec: 00.52%

Wow look at those stats, I never expected such a turnout rate in such a short time! Thank you all for visiting Blue & White, and I promise to continue this project all the way through as fast as possible - more information and tweaking tips, new downloads, etc.

Feel free to Email me about anything:

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