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NOTAMS (Notices to Airmen) - A Few News Items!

22 August 2000 - Add-On Development
Here are a few GIF pictures of stuff that is already done (graphically as well as in the admin file) in my add-on: custom loadout screens and weapons. If you have any input, feel free to send it.

20 August 2000 - Lots of New Links
I've modified almost all of the links pages, except for the first one (Sim Makers). In the Fan Sites section a new USAF site dedicated to the F-15 Eagle (USAF-15). In the Military/Commercial section new links to the Israeli Military and Aircraft Industries, as well as a link to a site dedicated to the Imperial Iranian Air Force (before the Islamic Revolution)! In the Unofficial Info Sources section, links to a Swedish Military Aviation site (great non-comparison tables there!) and a Russian Air Defense Weapons site. And many new links in the Virtual Squadrons section.

11 August 2000 - Upcomming Add-On
Lately I've been making myself busy with a new add-on for USAF. This add-on was initially based on my ''RefMod'', but it goes a whole lot further - modifications to the game's Admin file, and a few other files as well. This add-on will incorporate new and improved loadout screens, new A/A and A/G weapons (US and Russian), realistic weights and loadouts and other tech data, etc, etc. Currently, this project is only half-done, with most of the remaining work concentrated in the Admin file; for now it seems that download size will be approximately 7 MB.

So between all this and trying to find a job, this is the reason for the lack of updates lately, but have no fear - I'll add a bunch of new, interesting links soon. Also, new things have been developed for my project that can be released separately, but I'd like to keep them private just for a little while. I'll post a few ''development shots'' in the next few days.

1 August 2000 - New Site Location!
Yep, I moved my stuff yet again to Xoom. Not so much because of the 500 MB space, but rather because of Tripod's pesky ad pages that get in the way of downloading files - too many people complained that they can't download files because of this, not to mention even being able to use Gozilla or GetRight. So here it is... As far as I know the downloading still doesn't suport these above programs, but I think I'll be able to fix this soon.

While I was at it, I also added a very nice back-door tip to the IAF Tips N' Tricks (to help players who really have troubles finishing missions in the future campaign). Check it out. Alas, to my knowledge it doesn't work in USAF.

And naturally, as always, I've added great new USAF skins for this hot August in some of the skin categories.

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