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NOTAMS (Notices to Airmen) - A Few News Items!

28 June 2000 - New Stuff
As you might have noticed, I changed a bit the links and downloads menus to be more aesthetic, hope you like it. There's a new link in the Sim Makers section, for the company SimiGon - interesting screenshots and AVI movies there... But 'nuff said for the time being.

And I finally uploaded my historic attempt of explaining the shimmering bug in Jane's IAF - check it out, it's informational...

But more importantly, I've added new USAF skins (both by request): a Middle-Eastern MiG-17 pack and a Venezuelan F-16. Enjoy. Also, there are other skins which I've added finally, created by other talented people, and many more to come.

25 June 2000 - Major Request
I'm currently in the process of writing a nice utility for Jane's USAF in Visual Studio... It's going great, actually it's already done, except for the one thing that will make it REALLY cool: support of zip files! My problem is that all the quick & easy solutions I've found so far are expensive commercial packages of add-on components... :( I can't afford paying some $300 in order to complete a small FREEWARE, nor do I have the time to write the algorithm from scratch.

So if any of you people know of a free solution: public (even if crappy) components for Visual Basic or Visual C++, then PLEEAASE tell me!

22 June 2000 - ALIIIIIVE! IT'S ALIVE!
Hello all, these have been 2 gruelling months for me, and I'm terribly sorry from the bottom of my heart for not working on my site. I didn't have any time, lierally, even to check Email, and I know some of you might have thought the site is dead... :(

But no, yesterday I finally completed all of my scholastic duties for this year (well, most of it at least), and I'm free now to update, renovate, improve and develop ''Blue & White'' - all of my past plans which got stuck in the middle, all of the Jane's IAF things I didn't give enough attention to... This is all going to change very soon! Wheeeeee!

22 June 2000 - Unanswered E-mail Notice
As I noted above, I didn't even have time to check my Email during the past 2 months. And add to that the infamous ''reliability'' of Hotmail... So if you sent me anything and didn't get a reply (lately) then it probably means that I simply didn't get it, not that I don't want to comment - resend it and I'll reply! My new E-mail address is now instead of the old Hotmail address.

22 June 2000 - Important Strategic Events
During all this time I was tied up, some very significant events have happened in the scene of the Middle East! I've written a short paper about the strategic and political dynamics in the M.E. region in the near future, but alas I cannot publish it so I'll just mention a few specific occurrences (in chronological order):

Elections in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the reformists led by President Mohammad Khatami win big-time against the religious leaders, despite some alarming ''muscle flexing'' by the conservatives.

Syria has purchased from Russia a whole squadron of Su-27 Flankers and S-300 SAMs (NATO designation SA-10 Grumble), along with T-90 tanks. Estimated cost: $2 billion.

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has pulled back from south Lebanon to the international Israeli border (the ''Purple Line'') after 18 years of combat, thus effectively changing a long-lasting alliance of Syrian and Iranian interests.

During said retreat, the Hizballah organization in Lebanon equipped itself with T-55 tanks (from the semi-dormant resistance of Ahmed Jibril), and mobilized battalion-scale ''infantry'' forces. Keen-eyed observers note that this is a major change from its known guerilla and terrorism tactics into an organized warfare philosophy, even if only a temporary one.

The tanks (9) were destroyed by the IAF (and it is also confirmed that Sherry, the 1st female combat navigator in the IAF, participated in that mission).

Haffez al-Assad, the Syrian President and totalitarian leader for decades, died suddenly (after surviving years of death predicitions by Western analysts). Any day now he's going to be officially succeeded by his son, Dr. Bashar al-Assad, who has been carefully prepared for this office in the last couple of years after the death of Assad's eldest son in a car crash.

By the way, Saddam Hussein has also anointed a few months back one of his sons to success him as the next leader of Iraq.

It seems to me that the first decades of this millenium will probably determine the map of the Middle East for the entire century - as old balances are shattered and new inheritance-regimes are forged; very few status quos have existed in the past of the Middle East, and the question is how will the predominant forces in the region treat each other.

1 May 2000 - New USAF Skins
Milan Lisner from MLK Air Base has released new and improved skins for his Czech Air Force aircraft. He also added new trees for the Germany terrain. I will do my best to supply Camo-Commander versions of his work (just like the ones I did for MLK's USAF Demo skins) as soon as possible. This is also a good opportunity to add a bunch of other quality skins by dwc (that as I've planned to add for a while now but neglected to do so). My Math/Physics studies are gearing-up towards exams in late June, but I'll do my best.

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