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NOTAMS (Notices to Airmen) - A Few News Items!

5 November 2000 - Modification Currently in Development, Input Requested
Hi all!

I'm working on my own modification for USAF for quite some time now, and recently I've been asked what's the status with it... To be frank, between a new demanding job, recent events in Israel and consequently possible military reserve service, and trying to have a life (!) there's little time left to work on this in the volume that is required by such a project. So to give you a taste of what I'm actually working on I'm posting evrything I've completed so far.

This means mostly graphics file. UNLIKE this preview, the completed modification will also contain the ''admin.ini'' and ''QmeDefault.ini'' files which are really the heart of everything: they contain the REALLY cool improvements and new features that are simply wrapped with the graphics, and tie everything together into a USABLE game. Keep that in mind - this will not be just a graphics package! However, because the above files are still under heavy construction they're not included, and I agree that it's a real shame, but what can I do?

Let me stress this point, this package is not playable yet, it's just a preview of the completed issues. This package is therefore useful mainly for other tweakers and interested players - for inspection and careful personal tweaking purposes, not for any instant install-and-play. DO NOT COPY THESE FILE INTO THE GAME'S DIRECTORY UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING (although I personally don't see any potential dangers), BACKUP THE ORIGINALS IF YOU DO, AND DON'T BLAME ME IF SOMETHING GOES AWRY.

However, I implore all of you to look at it and examine the contents - and send me your comments: I will greatly appreciate it if you could supply any input regarding what you like and dislike, what's important and what's a waste of time in your opinion, etc. Suggestions, criticism, everything. Also bear in mind that some planned features are not documented, but are nonetheless under work or at least research.

The address of my site is: and the zip file can be found under the USAF Add-Ons section (diskette icon in the top navbar). The size of this current zip is 7.17 MB (sorry) and unzipped size is 15.8 MB. The final modification's zipped size will be around 8-10 MB.

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