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Jane's USAF Jane's USAF Trivia

The ''Jane's USAF'' project was originally conceived by Pixel Multimedia as ''Jane's IAF 2''.

You think aircraft AI (Artificial Intelligence) brains are moronic and suicidal now? In the First Integration stage of development, non-controllable aircraft used to spontaneously fall off the sky for no apparent reason and happily ''swim'' on the ground.

In the early stages of development, the ''Red Arrow'' training campaign was suggested by Pixel Multimedia as an actual conflict over United States soil - Electronic Arts quickly vetoed the idea.

The same is true with the single mission ''No To Drugs'' which was converted into a ''training'' mission because of the FAA's No-Fly Zone in the Grand Canyon area (and maybe even due to the apparent illegality in America of such methods of war against drug trafficking).

Originally, the Chase View (F10) rolled with the aircraft - and always with a 1 second delay. This really was a feature and not a bug: as if there's an actual chasing aircraft which mimics your aircraft's maneuvers. However, complaints of disorientation and nausea were too common and this feature was cancelled.

When operation ''Allied Force'' took place, Electronic Arts came up with an idea to support a special missions downloading center, something like a ''Kosovo Online''... The exact reasons for this idea's demise are unknown.

As embarrassing as it sounds, the Vietnam terrain wasn't ready even when the simulation entered the Alpha stage; obviously this had some effect on the schedule.

Some really cool special effects were cancelled due to time constraints (as always in the software business world): nuclear weapons, bird flocks, heavy thunder storms, light beacons (air defense), and more.

In the promotional picture which features the game's aircraft types aligned in half a circle, all of the aircraft are actually miniaturized models (duh, like you really believed it's an authentic photograph?).

''And now for something completely different! Monty Python's Flying Circus presents... The Flying Hangars in full frontal nudity!''

Here are 2 screenshots of an ''F-15'' flying over the Grand Canyon... The funny thing is that this bug appeared during the hectic night before the absolute deadline for sending a copy of Jane's USAF for the E3 convention, and if I recall correctly the general response of Sharon Rozenman and Adi Shimony was ''Aaarrgghh!!!''.

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