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NOTAMS (Notices to Airmen) - A Few News Items!

23 July 2000 - Hello All
I've added a couple of USAF skins, with a dozen more waiting in line for the next few days... Also, I changed a little the Su-27 ''Flanker'' hangar (in the USAF add-ons section) a little: the the squadron symbol gave way to the Sukhoi symbol.

And I've added new links: Special Ops.Com (in the unofficial info section) have some way-to-good info on almost all Israeli Spec-Ops units (including even mine) and this obviously includes Air Force units... The 209th Delta Hawks VFS (in flight tutorials) are a Falcon 4 squadron, but still one of the greatest with excellent content on their site for every virtual pilot... Last but not least, links to the 172nd ''Warpigs'' VCC (in virtual squadrons) and Hamm's USAF Homepage (tweaks and flight testing).

23 July 2000 - IAF Skins in USAF
Lately after publishing new IAF skins I received a few times the question whether they can be easily converted to USAF. Well, yeah, but only the Israeli F-16D and F-15 (and not the American F-16C and F-15C) which are by default non-controllable aircraft; but as you may know, they are still flyable under some add-ons like Sosenka's Admin 4.0 and Storm's Admin 1.5.

There are also some other aircraft in IAF who share the exact same bitmaps, though not too many: Iraqi MiG-29 Fulcrum (not the Russian or Controllable versions), C-130 Hercules, Il-76 Candid, Mi-8 Hip, Su-22 Fitter, Su-24 Fencer, UH-60 Black Hawk.

16 July 2000 - Important for All USAF and IAF Players!
After a long search, and talking with Pixel's staff... I've written a simple page, no fancy graphics ''The P3D converter - What is it? What is it good for? And how can we get it?'' In my personal opinion, this is very important reading material for every Jane's USAF and Jane's IAF player on the internet: yes, I failed in getting this tool myself, but this just means that we must organize and demand from the developers to give us what may possibly make USAF a much better and popular combat flight sim!

CLICK HERE to go to that page, and speard the word -

9 July 2000 - Virtual Squadron Links
I've added a new links page to the links section of this site: I gathered all the active virtual squadrons of Israeli Air Force and USAF. If you know of a squadron that I forgot, or any other interesting link for that matter, send it to me.

9 July 2000 - Yesterday's Skins, Sorry
The links to the new IAF skins from yesterday were broken. It's fixed now, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. My personal thanks to those who let me know, and please feel free to contact me in the future about any other broken links or such problems (hopefully, there won't be any need).

8 July 2000 - More IAF Skins
New great additions in the Jane's IAF Skins department, and most of them are IAF Tiger Meet camouflages, wow gotta love them stripes. :)

7 July 2000 - Hebrew F-16 Cockpit for Jane's IAF
This add-on is availble now in the IAF Add-On Downloads section! I finished my Hebrew version for the F-16D cockpit in Jane's IAF: most of the indicators, warning lights, MFD pages were translated whenever possible. My personal favorite feature is a cool pilot reflection in the MFD screens - it was adopted from a Flanker 2 add-on, but alas I don't know who made this orignally.

3 July 2000 - Jane's IAF Tips N' Tricks
Yes people, I finally added now the Tips N' Tricks section for Jane's IAF, albeit the contents have a lot in common with my USAF's T.N.T... There's more to come in the future, promise. Also, I'm going to add quite a few high-quality IAF skins.

1 July 2000 - New Israeli F-16I Unveiled
For some time now, Israel has decided that its main fighter aircraft in the decade/s will be Lockheed Martin's F-16I because it can't afford more than a single F-15I ''Raam'' squadron (69th ''Hammers''); the avionic systems of many C and D models will be upgraded to the I-class as well.

The F-16I is currently in the building stages, here is a photograph of the new aircraft's model in its first public appearance (notice the CFT's) - click on the thumbnail to view the full-sized picture.

Also, to celebrate the event, the IAF opened a virtual gallery with the works of several Israeli designers and notable artists. Click on this link here to download my 10 personal favorites.

1 July 2000 - USAF Skins
Yet again (at last) I added lots of great skins of other people, in all USAF skin categories - and while I was at it I revamped these categories a bit into 3 distinctive ones: Western Block, Middle East, and Eastern Block (divided into 2). And the files of the Mi-8 Hip object are identical in Jane's IAF and Jane's USAF, so new USAF skins of this helicopter are also in the Jane's IAF skins page.

25 June 2000 - Major Request
I'm currently in the process of writing a nice utility for Jane's USAF in Visual Studio... It's going great, actually it's already done, except for the one thing that will make it REALLY cool: support of zip files! My problem is that all the quick & easy solutions I've found so far are expensive commercial packages of add-on components... :( I can't afford paying some $300 in order to complete a small FREEWARE, nor do I have the time to write the algorithm from scratch.

So if any of you people know of a free solution: public (even if crappy) components for Visual Basic or Visual C++, then PLEEAASE tell me!

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